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 Al-Andalus Al-Andalus
Music/dance perf. & instrument making residency
Albert  Alter Albert Alter
Mime & circus: residencies and performances
 BodyVox BodyVox
Science as imaginative dance: residencies and performances
Mark  Brody Mark Brody
Mosaic murals: residencies
Tracie Broughton Tracie Broughton
Sculpture, painting & photography: residencies
Gerardo Calderon Gerardo Calderon
Latin American instruments: residencies
 Canoofle Canoofle
Improvisational songwriting and music: performances
Mark Caporael Mark Caporael
Observational drawing: residencies
 Caroline Oakley & The Old-Time Highway Caroline Oakley & The Old-Time Highway
Square dancing: residencies
 Chata Addy, the Music Man & His Band Susuma Chata Addy, the Music Man & His Band Susuma
Afro reggae/funky highlife music: performances
David Ciminello David Ciminello
Poetry residencies and workshops
 Curious Comedy Curious Comedy
Writing skills through comedic improvisation: residencies
 Dance Like the Stars Dance Like the Stars
Partner dance and folk dance: residencies
 Dance Theatre of Oregon Dance Theatre of Oregon
Musical theatre dancing: performances
 Do Jump! Do Jump!
Acrobatics, dance and live music: performances
Teresa Drilling Teresa Drilling
Animation workshops
Ed  Drury Ed Drury
Didjeridu: residencies and performances
Ed Edmo Ed Edmo
Native American Stories: performance
Lisa Rosalie Eisenberg Lisa Rosalie Eisenberg
Comics: residencies and workshops
 en Taiko en Taiko
Japanese drumming: residencies
 Eth-Noh-Tec Eth-Noh-Tec
Pan-Asia tales: performances
Sarah Ferguson Sarah Ferguson
Murals, collage and clay: residencies
 Fools in Paradise Fools in Paradise
African music and song: performances
Gideon Freudmann Gideon Freudmann
Cello and sound science: performances
Subashini Ganesan Subashini Ganesan
South Indian dance: residencies
 Golden Bough Golden Bough
Celtic and international folk music: performances
Caren Graham Caren Graham
Creative dramatics: residencies
Daniel Granias Daniel Granias
Ceramics: residencies
Karida Griffith Walker Karida Griffith Walker
Tap performance & body percussion residencies
 Grupo Condor Grupo Condor
Latin American music: performances
 Habiba's Village Habiba's Village
W. African music, dance & stories: residencies/performances
Hector H.  Hernandez Hector H. Hernandez
Community murals: residencies
Chloë Hight Chloë Hight
Integrating art and science: residencies
Will Hornyak Will Hornyak
Tales and legends: performances
Jamie Houghton Jamie Houghton
Poetry & Visual Arts residencies
Anna Hoye Anna Hoye
Cyanotype Photography (Chemistry as Art): Residencies
Rick Huddle Rick Huddle
Songs and stories: performances
 Imago Imago
Movement, mask and mime: performances
 Inka Jam Inka Jam
South American music performance
 Journey Brazil Journey Brazil
Brazilian culture through music and dance: performances
 KCPuppetree KCPuppetree
Recycled Puppets: residencies
Karrie Kent Karrie Kent
Mixed media art: residencies
 Korekara Taiko Korekara Taiko
Japanese Taiko Drumming: performance
Aaron  Meyer Aaron Meyer
Electric violin: performances
Rick  Meyers Rick Meyers
American folk music and dance: residencies and performances
Sarah Nagy Sarah Nagy
Stop-motion and computer animation: residencies
 Natya Leela Academy Natya Leela Academy
South Indian dance: performances
 Nomadic Theatre Co Nomadic Theatre Co
Circus skills/physical theater: residencies & performances
Pamela Norris Pamela Norris
Movement, Poetry, Circle Salsa Dance: residencies/workshops
 Northwest Children's Theater Northwest Children's Theater
Educational theater residencies
Karie Oakes Karie Oakes
Clay creations: residencies
 Okropong/Obo Addy Legacy Project Okropong/Obo Addy Legacy Project
African drumming & dance: performances
 Oregon Shadow Theatre Oregon Shadow Theatre
Shadow puppetry: performances
 Oregon Trail Trio Oregon Trail Trio
Oregon Trail Music: performances
Greta Pedersen Greta Pedersen
Music: Cultures, songwriting, literacy, math links: Res/perf
Mo Phillips Mo Phillips
Songwriting and rock n' roll: residencies and performances
Luciana Proaño Luciana Proaño
South American dance residencies
 Rainbow Dance Company Rainbow Dance Company
Hip-hop/African & light wire dance performances
 Red Yarn Red Yarn
Folk songs and puppet-making: residencies and performances
Carlos  Reyes Carlos Reyes
Poetry writing: residencies
Peggy Ross Peggy Ross
Watercolor and weaving: residencies
Anne Rutherford Anne Rutherford
Storytelling & public speaking: residencies
Steven Schob Steven Schob
Brazilian drumming: residencies and workshops
 Shuhe Shuhe
Animal mask-making: residencies
Aaron Nigel Smith Aaron Nigel Smith
Music and movement: performances/residencies
 Spyglass Theater Spyglass Theater
Blacklight and rod puppetry: performances
Iris Taboh Iris Taboh
Photography residencies & workshops
 Taylor Morrison Studios Taylor Morrison Studios
STEAM Illustration Residency and Workshop
 Tears of Joy Theatre Tears of Joy Theatre
Puppetry: residencies and performances
 Trashcan Joe Trashcan Joe
American jazz: performances
Edna Vazquez Edna Vazquez
Latin American music performance
Lisa  Wilcke Lisa Wilcke
Fused glass: teacher workshop
Mike Yager Mike Yager
STEAM residencies and workshops