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Tears of Joy Theatre

About the Artist

Tears of Joy's residency schedule is full for this year. Please contact us about next year!

Tears of Joy one of the nation’s outstanding puppet theatres, and its programs serve over 100,000 per year. TOJ has received four Citations of Excellence in the Art of Puppetry from UNIMA-USA.

Teaching Philosophy

Tears of Joy puppet theatre celebrates the diversity of world cultures, and enriches the lives of children by helping them experience, create, and perform art with professional artists.

"Portland's home to one of the best puppet theatres in the nation. Raven Stories is a testament to how brilliant they are." --MJ Monroe, PDX Kids Calendar

 Tears of Joy Theatre
 Tears of Joy Theatre
  •  Tears of Joy Theatre
  •  Tears of Joy Theatre
  •  Tears of Joy Theatre
  •  Tears of Joy Theatre
  •  Tears of Joy Theatre
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Tad and Fry; a story of Friendship and Metamorphosis Less

A tadpole and a fry can become friends, but what happens when they grow up? Tad and Fry are best friends, but as their bodies start to change and they grow up, their friendship is put to the test. What will happen when Tad grows legs or Fry is ready to migrate to the ocean? Experience biology and the science of metamorphosis through this charming and interactive puppet performance that utilizes rod and shadow puppetry. Grab your magnifying glass and come explore your backyard stream.

Travel Costs: For sites located more than 15 miles from downtown Portland, an additional mileage fee will be applied and is calculated using the IRS reimbursement rate.

Venue Requirements: Set-up time: 30 minutes, strike time: 15 minutes. Break between performances: 15 minutes. Can perform anywhere indoors. Needs a 10' X 10' space. Prefers students seated on the floor. If performing for more than 100 in a large echo-y space, a sound system with a body microphone is requested.

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Keywords: puppets, puppetry, shadow, metamorphosis, life cycles of toads, life cycles of salmon, Tears of Joy
Single Price: $400
Pair Price: $705
Maximum Audience: 200
Family Arts Night Performance Less
Single Price: $465
Maximum Audience: 200