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Trashcan Joe

About the Artist

Trashcan Joe performs traditional American styles of music with instruments made from found objects like trash cans, washboards, and seashells. Their charismatic and highly energizing live shows thrill audiences of all ages.

Teaching Philosophy

Music comes from within. Trashcan Joe brings this message alive by teaching kids that anyone can make music, and it can be done with just about any object…and a little creativity.

"Talented musicians and good communicators -- they obviously enjoy working with children." --6th grade teacher, Hockinson

 Trashcan Joe
 Trashcan Joe
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Music Is All Around Us! Less

Welcome to the world of Trashcan Joe, where washboards, combs, trashcans and pencils become amazing musical instruments and kids discover how to make music with just about anything. Led by James Cook, this energetic quartet brings to life classic American jazz from the 1920s to the 1950s. They share original compositions as well as familiar children’s folk songs, using a homemade trashcan banjo (trashcanjo), trashcan bass, kazoo, accordion, cornet and more. Students accompany the musicians with singing and rhythmic clapping and volunteers join the band on stage to create a trashcan orchestra. With over 150 tunes in their repertoire, Trashcan Joe can tailor the performance for any age.
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Availability: Prefer performance start times of 10am or later

Travel Costs: For sites located more than 15 miles from downtown Portland, an additional mileage fee will be applied and is calculated using the IRS reimbursement rate.

Venue Requirements: Set-up/strike time: 30 min. Break between performances: 15 min. Can perform on any surface, but prefer a stage. Space dimensions: 10’x20’. Requires: 1 electrical outlet. Students should be seated on floor 10' from performance area.

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Keywords: ecology, ecological, environment, environmental, folk music, found object, jazz, music, recycling, recycle, reuse, singing
Single Price: $1075
Pair Price: $1540
Maximum Audience: 500
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Single Price: $1075
Maximum Audience: 500