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Mark Brody

About the Artist

Mark is available starting January 2017

Mark is always learning new mosaic methods, and has installed one-of-a-kind artwork in schools, libraries and hospitals. He enjoys crafting his talents to fit the needs of individual schools.

Teaching Philosophy

Mosaic combines divergent pieces to make a cohesive vision. Mark's residency combines each student’s intrinsic skills with the design and creation of a legacy piece of artwork for the school and the community.

"This wonderful art work...added a touch of happiness to the school and we will remember you forever." --4th grader, Lake Oswego

Mark  Brody
Mark  Brody
  • Mark  Brody
  • Mark  Brody
  • Mark  Brody
  • Mark  Brody
  • Mark  Brody
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Mosaic Masterpiece Less

Starting from students’ individual drawings, Mark leads young artists to create a group piece on a larger scale. Working with paper, glass or tile, they set colorful shapes together in mosaic while utilizing color, shape, movement and composition to construct a lasting piece of art.

Additional Costs: Prep time and additional planning will be billed at $57 per hour. There are additional costs associated with a mosaic mural which include both design and installation. These costs do not involve added time with students, and will vary dependent upon the scale of the project.

Travel Costs: Travel reimbursement needed for schools beyond a 12 mile radius from artist's home in SE Portland (IRS reimbursement rate).

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Keywords: ceramic, ceramics, clay, collaboration, collaborative, collaborate, community, drawing, glass, mosaic, mosaics, mural, installation,
Cost per session: $68.00
Maximum Audience: 30