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Hector H. Hernandez

About the Artist

Mr. Hernandez has produced murals and other artworks throughout communities and educational institutions in Oregon since 1995. In his many mural and mosaic projects, he has utilized various materials such as parachute cloth, tiles, ceramics, stained glass, and others. Among the subjects and themes reflected in his murals are the community involvement on issues such as environment, education, multiculturalism, and social change.

Teaching Philosophy

Murals & mosaics are the result of a collaborative effort. The artist creates a narrative to reflect the aspirations & goals of the institutions. Students participate by bringing ideas & skills.

Hector H.  Hernandez
Hector H.  Hernandez
  • Hector H.  Hernandez
  • Hector H.  Hernandez
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School Cultures, School Community Less

From generating ideas and imagery to designing a mural-dedication ceremony, Hector guides students in the creation of community-oriented public art. There is a strong tradition in mural making of the artist as mentor and students as apprentices, and Hector views their roles together as such. To kick off the residency, he introduces the mural movements of the U.S. and Mexico, exploring how mural making can both shape and reflect community identity. Students then experiment with drawing and images that contribute to the narrative of the group project (this may also result in individual projects). If computer and digital technology is available, Hector teaches how it can be used for research, visual brainstorming and defining the final theme of the mural. While exploring their community’s values through visual images, students create a message as well as a picture of cultural diversity. A mural can be executed on walls, wood or hardy panels, parachute cloth or stretched canvas, or can be made with tiles.

Students are involved in each part of the mural process and work with a variety of art media such as canvas, tiles and mosaics. In the initial stage of a residency, Hector can work with community members, teachers and parents at an evening event to develop a mural proposal. The residency can be taught bilingually (English/Spanish).

Additional Costs: There are additional costs (planning, materials and installation) associated with this program that are determined by the scope of the project.

Travel Costs: Artist may charge for travel costs based on site location.

Venue Requirements: Set up: 15 mins, Break btwn: 10 mins. Need studio or classroom with access to running water, an infocus or computer projector. May need a computer lab when working with software such as Photoshop during mural proposal and development.

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Cost per session: $65.00
Maximum Audience: 30