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Anna Hoye

About the Artist

Anna has a BFA in Fine Art Photography from the University of Montana, with over 20 years experience as a photographic artist teaching, showing, and selling. She teaches digital and traditional methods.

Teaching Philosophy

Inspiring young artists and educating them in photographic methods that are almost lost in our digital world is her focus. Anna is hands on and ties in science, mixed media, traditional, & digital methods.

"She has a charismatic way with people in general and is highly skilled in working with and teaching.." -Amy Hansen

Anna Hoye
Anna Hoye
  • Anna Hoye
  • Anna Hoye
  • Anna Hoye
  • Anna Hoye
  • Anna Hoye
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Cyanotype Photographic Printmaking Less

This residency brings us back to one of the first photographic formats, Cyanotype photography. We look back over two hundred years to a time when science discovered the chemical reactions of Iron Salts and their light sensitive qualities. Anna Atkins, the first female photographer took this medium to the photography world. We'll get to know the science behind this blue miracle, mix up our own batch of emulsion for our own prints, create found object "negatives" (themes can be tied to your curriculum), and print these negatives onto our sensitized paper. This residency is designed so each student will have their own Cyanotype but students can work collectively to reduce the cost. We work with negative space, line, visual weight, abstraction, collaboration, science, and traditional photography methods. For most students digital photography is all they know so this process illuminates the overlap of art and science in photographic history, a 100% hands-on experience. This residency requires at least 4 sessions per classroom.

Additional Costs: There are additional supply and prep costs associated with this residency based on project scope, amount of materials needed, and length of class and final presentation details. Additional planning and prep hours will be billed at $80 per hour. Supply costs are in the neighborhood of $3.50-$7.50 per student depending again on how much printing and presentation perpetration there is. The substrate-like muslin, light watercolor paper, professional quality, or pre-coated paper also factor in. Anna customizes the experience based on funds and desired experience.

Travel Costs: Artist charges 50¢ per mile for travel to sites beyond 5 miles of NW Portland.

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Keywords: photography, cyanotype, science, history, negative space, process, hands on, traditional, photo, found object, print, printing, emulsion, digital, negative, line, abstract, sun print, blue print, blue, sun, print, atom, iron, sensitive, create, curriculum
Cost per session: $107.00
Maximum Audience: 34