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Oregon Trail Trio

About the Artist

Mick Doherty, Gayle Neuman and Phil Neuman have decades of performing and teaching experienc. OTT performs programs of “history through music” that are historically rich and musically delightful.

Teaching Philosophy

OTT strives to bring to life the music and words of the early Northwest immigrants. Audiences enjoy great sounds of unusual instruments, pioneer diary readings, folk dance, and singing with the band.

"The assembly at Scott was very engaging and informative- a great kick off and enhancement to our Westward Expansion studies." -Mychael Irwin, Principal

 Oregon Trail Trio
 Oregon Trail Trio
  •  Oregon Trail Trio
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The Oregon Trail and Beyond Less

Playing string, brass and wind instruments and sharing readings from pioneer diaries, The Oregon Trail Trio brings to life the history and culture of the Oregon Territory and Oregon and Washington shortly after statehood. Students will help answer queries: Where does the banjo come from? What is this strange instrument that looks like a snake? What does a jig sound like? The audience will sing along to traditional songs and thrill to the tale of the Heppner flood of 1903, when "two experienced range riders" raced a flood to save a town.

Travel Costs: For sites located more than 15 miles from downtown Portland, an additional mileage fee will be applied and is calculated using the IRS reimbursement rate.

Venue Requirements: Set-up time: 1 hour 15 minutes. Strike time: 30 minutes. Break between performances: 15 minutes. Can perform in any room; a stage is useful for sightlines if the audience is large. 10'x20' staging area is good. One grounded outlet.

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Single Price: $670
Pair Price: $960
Maximum Audience: 300
Family Arts Night Performance Less
Single Price: $675
Maximum Audience: 300