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Do Jump!

About the Artist

Artist is fully booked for the 2016-17 school year. Please contact us about next year!

Do Jump! blends acrobatics, dance, live music, and circus arts to create magic. Every show is a high-energy celebration of the human spirit, filled with, spontaneity, athleticism, comedy and fun!

Teaching Philosophy

Utilizing the high-energy craft of ensemble-based physical theatre, Do Jump! encourages creative expression, physicality, and teamwork, while building self confidence, imagination, and individuality.

"Do Jump! does an amazing job! Every aspect of their performance is polished, professional, perfect. The students are entertained, engaged & learning!" – Teacher, PPS

 Do Jump!
 Do Jump!
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Robin Lane’s ensemble amazes audiences with its ability to blend acrobatics, dance, live music, audience participation and circus arts to tell stories and create magic on stage. DO JUMP! is a high-energy celebration of the human spirit, filled with teamwork, spontaneity, athleticism, comedy and fun! The final lines of the show sum up its essence well: “When we get an idea and agree among ourselves that it’s a good one, we use everything we can—theater, dance, acrobatics, martial arts, music and illusion—to share it with you. But the most important thing we use is each other. Because when you can be a unique individual and still find a way to work together as a TEAM, that’s when you make the magic happen.”
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Availability: Only available for morning shows. Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays are best, but they may be able to perform on a Tuesday/Thursday with enough notice.

Travel Costs: For sites located more than 15 miles from downtown Portland, an additional mileage fee will be applied and is calculated using the IRS reimbursement rate.

Venue Requirements: Set-up: 90 min. Strike: 15 min. Break between performances: 15 minutes. Can perform on any surface, but prefer a stage with hardwood floor. Performance space must be clear. Space: 20’x20’x12’. Requested: a piano w/bench, a space that can be completely darkened and then re-lit quickly, running water, electrical outlets. Audience should be seated 6' from performance area. Note: Artist marks floor with small pieces of tape. Let artist know if tape is prohibited.

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Keywords: Acrobatic, Dance, Magic, Ensemble, Team, Theater, Theatre, Tumbling, Fun, Creative, Physical, Humanity, Cooperation, Humor, Comedy, Music, Movement, Collaboration, Surprising, Unusual, Upside-Down, Energetic
Single Price: $865
Pair Price: $1250
Maximum Audience: 250
Family Arts Night Performance Less
Single Price: $865
Maximum Audience: 250