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Teresa Drilling

About the Artist

An Emmy Award-winning animator, Teresa has worked on many stop motion shows & films, including Sesame Street & Chicken Run. One of her favorite jobs was animating Gromit. She lives in Portland, where she teaches stop motion & celebrates the rain.

Teaching Philosophy

Animation is an amazing teaching tool that can be applied to almost any subject. It connects math with music, science with art, and planning with performance. It’s accessible to all learning modalities, forges new brain connections, and is fun!

“She is deeply knowledgeable and passionate about the art and craft of stop motion animation and brings a wealth and breadth of knowledge that enables her to see both the small details and the broader goal.”

Teresa Drilling
Teresa Drilling
  • Teresa Drilling
  • Teresa Drilling
  • Teresa Drilling
  • Teresa Drilling
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Making Magic in Space & Time Less

Through crafting guided group exercises, students learn what is behind the art and science of animation. Posing in front of camera using their own bodies and props, students physically explore dimensional space and timing, creating magical illusions of transformation and motion on the screen. This stop motion technique, known as "pixilation" readily adjusts to work in tandem with a large range of curriculum topics such as art, mathematics, English, social studies or science by directly involving students in an amplification or review of a classroom topic.

Planning and Prep: $115 per hour

Travel: Mileage may be assessed depending on location. Workshops outside the Portland Metropolitan area may include additional travel and lodging expenses

Scheduling Restrictions: Teresa is a working professional animator so there is a small possibility that a contracted workshop might need to be rescheduled. She will give you final confirmation of the workshop date(s) 2 weeks in advance.

Teresa prefers a minimum of 3 workshops per day for Portland area schools beyond the inner eastside/downtown of Portland.

Venue Requirements: • 20 square feet per student (min.) of flat, cleared floor space (640 sq. feet for 32 students). A gymnasium, cafeteria, large library or auditorium would work well for larger groups. • In spaces that will be using a raised stage for the needed floor space, an 8-foot or taller stepladder will be needed (for mounting the camera in the audience space to look down on the stage). • A video projector with an HDMI connection, and large projection screen (if not available, a large screen video monitor/TV with an HDMI connection could work). It is important that the room is well lit but still allows a projected image to be clearly seen on the screen. • A school thumb drive/portable drive with 4GB of available space for transfer of finished animation for school use. • One (1) table or cart for the video projector. One (1) table or cart of similar height for the teaching artist’s computer laptop (total of 2). • Grounded electrical outlets for the projector/monitor, laptop and teaching artist’s camera. For projector set ups, this can be one outlet that a heavy-duty extension cord and power strip can safely work with. A monitor/TV set-up would require a second outlet and an extension cord. • Students will be sitting, moving and rolling on the floor, and should dress accordingly.

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Keywords: animation, stop motion, movement, kinesthetic, digital, group, interactive, pattern, composition, cooperation, story, visual, hands-on, transformation, design, craft, time, collaboration, fun, rhythm, color, collage, history, coordination, choreography
Classroom Workshops
Single Price: $115
Maximum Audience: 32