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Aaron Meyer

"The music was wonderful, and Aaron tied it in with math and science. Yippee!" --Teacher, PPS

Aaron  Meyer
Aaron  Meyer
  • Aaron  Meyer
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Classical Crossover Less

In this dynamic performance demonstration by renowned concert rock violinist Aaron Meyer, students are introduced to music basics as well as to the technological tools used to integrate classical, contemporary pop and world music. Using digital studio effects and student participation, Aaron demonstrates the connections and differences between the acoustic and electric violin, discusses the history of classical music and the science of sound production, and shares some of his original Classical Crossover compositions. Students also learn how many of the demonstrated musical principles connect to math, science and computer technology. At the end of the performance, Aaron takes questions and shares stories of introducing the violin to villagers in the Fiji Islands and performing a benefit concert in Thailand five days after the 2004 tsunami.
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Travel Costs: For sites located more than 15 miles from downtown Portland, an additional mileage fee will be applied and is calculated using the IRS reimbursement rate.

Venue Requirements: Set-up: 20 min. Strike: 15 min. Break between performances: 5 min. Can perform on any surface Needs 8’x4’ performance area. Needs: microphone stand, 1 6’ table, 2 electrical outlets and, if possible, 3 student helpers to help load in and set up.

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Keywords: violin, classical, physics, music, science
Single Price: $465
Pair Price: $640
Maximum Audience: 500
Family Arts Night Performance Less
Single Price: $465
Maximum Audience: 500